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Vizia RF + dimmer support for dimmable CFL?


I'm about to replace a large number of switches & dimmers with the Leviton Vizia RF + line. I'm concerned about using the dimmers, however, given that

incandescent lights are being "eclipsed" by CFL. So, I'm wondering whether some rooms where I was planning on using the VRI06-1L dimmers should instead use the CFL-supported VRS15-1L switch. However, there are some rooms where I would really prefer a dimmer (but not if it starts becoming more difficult to get incandescent bulbs in the future).


I understand that the Vizia RF + VRI06-1L dimmer does not support regular CFLs. How about dimmable CFLs?


Any future plans on having a CFL-compliant dimmable CFL for the Vizia RF + line? I see that there's a Vizia (non-RF) dimmer that officially supports CFL, but it's not Z-Wave.