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Okay to use heat tape with Vizia RF+ VRS15-1L switch?


I live in Northern New York, where heat tape is used in the roof of houses to prevent ice buildup during the cold winter months. The heat tape is currently turned on or off from a switch in the garage. I'm interested in replacing this switch with a Vizia RF + VRS15-1L switch.  According to a sticker on the heat tape, it can use up to 875 watts. Is it okay to use the VRS15-1L switch with it? The VRS15-1L instructions say the following:


"If an electric heater is turned on by remote control while clothing is draped over it, a fire could result. DO NOT USE the remote for the control of high power heating appliances such as portable heaters "


Given that the heat tape is only 875 watts, is it okay to use with the VRS15-1L?