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ODS10 in existing 3-way configuration?


I recently repaced a florescent fixture to one with an electronic ballast. I previously had a PR180 in that location. I purchased an ODS10 to replace it, but am having trouble with getting it wired.


I see instructions for single pole install and two ODS10 install, but nothing for ODS10 to a standard switch? Does this mean it cannot be done?


The switch in question is on the load side of a 3-way circuit. The PR180 had 3 wires whereas the ODS10 only has 2 wires (not inc grounds)


in the wall box -  the RED is Line/Hot which goes to BLK on the ODS10 switch

in the wall box - the WHT is Load which goes to BLU on the ODS10 swtich


so i have a BLK traveller wire coming from the other box that i don't know what to do with...