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I just bought a house with a leviton enclosure in the wall. It has a cover on it that you have to unscrew every time and it is really annoyoing to have to unscrew every time. Is there a different cover or door that I can use?


    Yes we have several door options for the SMC (structured Media Center). We have the option of  a Economy hinged door a Premium Vented hinged door. The Economy hinged door has a latch and a knock out for a lock set. The Premium Vented hinged door has a latch, knock out for lock and a lip that gives more coverage for rough cuts around the the SMC. If you have a large number of active(powered) equipment in your SMC and heat is a concern we suggest using the vented door, but we also have a vented 2" extension ring that attaches between the front of the SMC and the cover (not available for 14" enclosure).  Note, the lock and key set is sold separately.


    Part numbers


    14" Enclosure

           47605-14D  Economy hinged cover

           47605-14S  Premium Vented cover


    28" Enclosure

           47605-28D  Economy hinged cover

           47605-28S  Premium Vented cover

           47612-28B   2" extension bracket


    42" Enclosure

           47605-42D  Economy hinged cover

           47605-42S  Premium Vented cover

           47612-42B   2" extension bracket


    Lock and Key set