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What is the idle power for the Evr-Green 160?


There has been some discussion at some forums about "idle" power used by EVSEs, power that is used when not connected to the EV. Some have said the idle power of some units are as high a 30 watts and as low as a few watts. A high idle power could add up to a significant waste of energy, since it runs 24 hrs a day. Many of these EVSEs use electronic switches to control the power without any On/Off disconnect switches. Idle power is used to run the electronics inside the box, waiting to turn on the main power to the car when it is connected.

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    Leviton supports the concept of idle power or more appropriately quiescent power being kept to a minimum.   Ideally you don’t want to consume power when a product’s not in use.  That scenario is not practical in many cases.   The Leviton Level 2 EVSE consumes less than 10 watts of power in quiescent mode.  The power is required to illuminate the power LED and ensure that the safety devices incorporated into the EVSE will be functional  24/7 on an as needed basis. 


    To compare:


    Desktop Computer: 21W (sleep)

    Digital Cable Box: 18W

    VCR: 9W

    Stereo: 7W

    Cable Modem: 5W

    Cell Phone Charger: 3W