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D4DMX-d5 problems


Have 7 d4dmx dimmer packs that work perfect!

Added 3 d4dmx-d5 packs - and have trouble, with just the -d5 units.


The first channel on each of the d5 packs in a constant on -- even when the pack is turned off.

I have tried moving the packs to the start of the chain, changed the dmx cable, and still nothing!



  • Re: D4DMX-d5 problems

    Are these new units or units that have been in service for a while?


    It sounds like the SOLID STATE RELAY (SSR) has latched in the ON state, this generally happens when there is a short or other concern on load side.


    If these packs are not running INCANDESCENT LOADS, the SCR may not preform correctly, since there is not enough resistive load to allow the SCR to shut off the current flow.