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What should I know about Alien Crosstalk testing?


AXT testing measures the unwanted noise coupled to the cable being tested (called the “Victim” or “Disturbed”) by any number of surrounding cables (the other cables in the cable bundle, called “Disturbers”). Two tests need to be performed: Power Sum Alien Near-end Crosstalk (PSANEXT) and Power Sum Alien Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio, Far-end (PSAACRF). A 2% sample of the installed cables is typically recommended; testing the longest cables in the installation will provide the most meaningful results. AXT testing requires special planning, equipment and training: • AXT tests are time-consuming! Budget AXT test time into your bid • Handheld test instruments (field testers) require an adjunct AXT module • A laptop computer is also typically used with the field tester • The field tester’s AXT application software must be loaded onto the laptop • Installation personnel will require training prior to performing AXT testing.