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z-wave beaming?


Can anyone provide some information on z-wave beaming or point me to a link?


How important is it?


Is beaming part of the z-wave standard?


Will VRCOP-1lW support beaming if it is part of the standard?


Thanks in advance.

  • Re: z-wave beaming?

    Z-wave beaming is actually part of the standard. What it allows is the ability to communicate with devices in sleep mode, which are usually battery operated devices. A device will send the “beam” periodically to a battery operated device. The battery operated devices will, at certain intervals, wake up to listen if a beam is present. If there is it will fully wake and communicate, if no beam is present it will go back to sleep.


    It is supported in all 4.5x and 5.xx Zwave devices.


    As far as the VRC0P, currently it does not support z-wave beaming, however the new one that will be released next year will.