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Help needed for Cat 5e wiring solution


Hi everyone,


The builder wired our new home with Cat 5e cable. Currently, we have only telephone throughout the house, but I would much prefer "hard-wired" connections between our computers than wireless. We have a Leviton box, and a Leviton module. It has the characters PWB 58141-02 on the module.There are ten terminal blocks. The first, numbered zero has no wires attached. The others numbered 1 thru 9 all have the Blue, Orange, Green, Brown pairs you would expect of Cat 5e wiring. I imagine most of the cables on the terminal blocks 1 thru 9 go to each room of the house.


I am thinking one of those should be the main telephone input to the house, and I should be able to "intercept" it and connect my DSL modem and router, so I get network and internet access around the house.


I am wondering if anyone out there has any advise for me.

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    Thank you for your inquiry. I would recommend identifying the cable that the service provider is coming in on and taking that line straight to your modem. Then from the modem tele output to your telephone board and patch from the Ethernet output to the router. This will allow each jack on the data module to be lit up with internet by patching from the numbered outputs on the router to the 5e or 6 voice and data board. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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      Thank you for this input. Perhaps I misled you by mentioning "router". This is an external Cisco/Linksys router that I currently have, and thought it needed to be a part of my new elegant solution.


      Backing up, I currently have a Leviton enclosure with coaxial and Cat 5 cables going to every room in the house. I use Direct TV, and the installer put a huge, huge big box in the enclosure, that takes up much of the room in the 14 inch enclosure. I have also a 10 "strip" Leviton moduule that I think is similar to the 015-47689-00B, that provides telephone conections to the rooms of the house.


      I should like to know how I connect my incoming phone line to a DSL modem and provide telephone and data services to the house. I understand I can also buy a DSL filter module, so each phone line does not now need its own filter. I have already divided the Cat 5 cables at the wall outlets, so the blue pair go to a phone jack and the other three pairs go to a separate RJ45 outlet.


      If I cannot replace the big Direct TV box, I think I need a 28 inch enclosure, but what other modules do I need?


      Thank you for any help.

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        Here is a schematic that should help. The image is somewhat distorted here so here are the part numbers:


        The upper left is the DSL filter board: 47689-00B*

        The module to the right of that is: 47689-00B

        Directly below that: 47605-C5B*


        *Based on what you have described, to get your network up and running, you will need both modules highlighted above.