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Setting up the Internet Gateway (Version 2)/ 4-Port Gigabit Router for DSL internet


The following instructions are for 47611-GT4 Version 2 and 47611-GB4. To determine which version you have click here.


For instructions on setup for 47611-GT4 Version 1, call Leviton Tech Support at 1-800-824-3005.


***For Version 3, click here***


1. Log into the router by opening a new browser window and typing the following number into the address bar: Press "Enter".


     USERNAME: (this remains blank)

     PASSWORD: leviton (lowercase)


Click "OK" to be directed to the home page of the Internet Gateway / 4-Port Gigabit Router


For more detailed instructions on logging in, click here




2. Click "Setup Wizard" as shown in the screen shot below.



3. On the "Setup Wizard" screen, click "Next"




4. On the "Setup Wizard - Internet Access" screen, click "DSL/ADSL modem (phone-type cable)" and click "Next"


DSL shot2.jpg


5. On the "Setup Wizard - DSL Modem" screen you are asked to determine what type of login is used for internet access. Typically, with DSL service, you will select "PPPoE". Only select another option if your DSL Service Provider has instructed you to do so. After selecting "PPPoE", click "Next".

DSL shot3.jpg

6. On the "Setup Wizard - PPPoE" screen, enter the PPPoE "Username" and "Password" provided by your ISP. Click "Next"



7. On the "Setup Wizard - IP Address" screen, determine if your IP address is assigned dynamically or statically. This information can be obtained by checking with your DSL service provider. Once the appropriate option has been selected, click "Next".



DSL shot5.jpg


8. On the "Setup Wizard" screen, ensure that the "Test Internet Connection" box is checked and click "Finish"



9. A prompt will appear indicating that the device will automatically restart to test the connection. Click "OK". Wait for the test to complete.


10. Once the test is complete and the display indicates that the internet connection is available, click "Close"


11. Test the internet connection by browsing online. If there is no connection, click here for troubleshooting


For further instructions on setting up and using your Internet Gateway / 4-Port Internet Gateway Router, click here.