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Will the Internet Gateway/ Router / 4-Port Gigabit Router work with a Satellite modem?


Satellite modems commonly have built-in routers (even when they appear to be 1-port modems). Configuring the Internet Gateway /Router / 4-Port Gigabit Router in a network with a pre-existing router will cause an IP conflict. To determine if your satellite modem has built-in routing capabilities, refer to the user guide for your modem or your service provider.


To remedy this issue, replace the Internet Gateway /Router / 4-Port Gigabit Router with an Ethernet Switch (part number 47611-5PT, 47611-8PT or 47611-5GB).


If it has been determined that your satellite modem does not have routing capabilities, go here for instructions on configuring your Internet Gateway / 4-Port Gigabit Router.


For further instructions on setting up and using your Internet Gateway / 4-Port Internet Gateway Router, click here.


For satellite modem instructions if you have a Version 3 router, click here.