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Need help with setup of Line Distribution Board


I recently moved into government housing on a military base. There is a Leviton panel with one Line Distribution Board and four Cat 5e, boards with 6 ports each. There are various patch cables running from the two cat 5e boards on the left to the Line Distribution Board. I have no clue how to tell if the patch cables are correct. I'm also not sure where to plug in the cat 5 cable from my router to the board. There are network drops in each of the four upstairs bedrooms and the computer nook. My goal is to make these drops hot and be able to plug in upstairs and surf. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The patch cords are probably activating jacks in some of your rooms with dialtone(s) from the Line Distribution Board. You could plug a telephone into the various jacks to determine which have dialtone. Unused jacks on your Cat 5e boards are available for use as data network jacks. Patch from your router to a data jack to activate the wallplate in a remote room for data. If the jacks are unlabeled (i.e. what jack goes to what room) the way to identify that is with a toner and speaker probe tool set. Inject tone at the room outlet, and find which jack has the tone on the Cat 5e boards using the speaker probe. If you run into any problems, you can give us a call at 1-800-722-2082.