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LED Lighting and a motion sensor?


Does LED lighting work with any motion sensor switch? If so which one? If not .. why not?





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    As far as wall switch sensors, the following that require a connection to neutral and do work with LED lighting: OSSMT-MD, OSSMD-MD, OSSMD-FT, IPP15-1L, OSSNL-ID, OSS10-ID.  For more information on these devices view the product specification sheets here.

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    Yesterday I discovered not all motion sensor switches work with LED lighting. Some sensor switches have a minimum load requirement and others may leak voltage. This leak voltage would not be enough to illuminate an incadescent bulb, but can cause an LED to flash instead of shutting off. Oh well, I might use the switch in a different room with a floor lamp.


    I noticed the Leviton rep mentioned the OSSMT-MD series (made in Mexico) but not the OSSMT-MA series (made in United States). I am planning to purchase the OSSMT-MAW even though it probably costs more than the same one made south of the border.


    Did you find a sensor that worked for you, dbworld?


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    I could not find the OSSMT-MA series and ended up purchasing a OSSMT-MD switch to use with my LED light from LEDlight.com. It takes a while to get the timeout, viewfinder, ambient light settings, etc set the way you want them; but after the switch is configured it works great. Now I am waiting for more light bulbs to burn out so I can replace them with LED.

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    Have there been any new products added in the last two years? We have a closet cieling light with LED bulbs controled by a door jam switch wired with hot and no

    neutral. I'd like to convert to a motion sensor by simply jumping from the door jam box to a new light switch box. Any suggestions?

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      Tom - you can use the ODS10-IDW which is a no-neutral product with PIR technology - cost effective for a closet.


      All of the Leviton commercial occupancy sensors are Mechanical Relays which will operate LED drivers. The residential line also has Mechanical relays for the majority of the line.