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Is the Leviton QuickPort MTRJ adapter a female feed-thru or is it pinned on one side and non-pinned on the other?


The MTRJ adapter is a latching coupler, very similar to an F type coax coupler (ie feed-thru).  There is no alignment sleeve in the connector as is typical for SC and LC adapters.  It is primarily a method to hold the 2 connectors together.  The true fiber alignment is accomplished through the use of the pins and holes on the connectors.  To assure you have a true mated pair of MTRJ connectors, you must have one male and one female connector.  In typical enterprise networks, the male connector is behind the adapter plate, wall plate and inside the electronics.  The female connector is used in fiber patch cords and when inserted into the adapter plate, wall plate or electronics aligns with the male connector and completes the connectivity.