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Are all QuickPort connectors compatible with all QuickPort wall plates and housings?


Nearly every combination of device, color, and platform opening is fully compatible and interchangable in the QuickPort product line. However, there are 3 types of QuickPort devices that do not fit into every QuickPort opening. These are:

1.) QuickPort Shielded Jacks (5S180, 6S180, 6S10G) - will not fit in wall plates or housings that are spaced closely together vertically, and / or may block use of the adjacent port

2.) QuickPort S-video feed-through - will not fit into some ports that are spaced close together horizontally, and / or may block use of the adjacent port

3.) QuickPort jacks (Cat6 and Cat6A) with Cone of Silence (COS) - the jacks will fit in every configuration except for the Die-cast 48- port 1RU panel (49255-D48)