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6673 vs 6668, phase control fluorescent dimming


The 6668 has been around for a while and it is marketed for use with Advance Mark 10 Two Wire dimmer.  It also lists Philips Marathon and Earthlight, which are CFLs.



If the 6668 can dim those CFLs and Advance Mark 10 and 6673 can dim "dimmable CFLs", can I dim Advance Mark 10, Lutron TuWire, or OSRAM SYLVANIA PowerSense phase control two wire dimming ballasts with 6673?


I believe the 6668 has been around longer when Earthlight was the only dimmable CFL.  Since 6673 doesn't exclude Philips Marathon or Earthlight, it seems logical to be able to use 6673 with Lutron Tu-Wire and the like.  If I'm willing to adjust it using manual mode as given in instruction would it work?


In OSRAM SYLVANIA's dimming ballast sell sheet, it says

"2. Power-line controls must be rated for the type (e.g. Fluorescent Phase-control) and size
(e.g. 600W, 1000W, 1500W & 2000W etc.) of the connected load. Do NOT use incandescent
power-line controls; incandescent dimmers are not rated for fluorescent loads and are NOT
compatible with POWERSENSE ballasts."

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    The 6673 is listed for use with the dimmable compact fluorescent lamps shown below. It is not listed for use with 2-wire fluorescent ballasts such as the Advance Mark 10, Lutron TU-Wire, or the OSRAM SYLVANIA POWERSENSE.


    Philips EL/A R30 DIM16W

    Philips EL/A R40 DIM20W

    Feit BPESL23T/DIM (23W)

    Feit BPESL15T/DIM(15W)

    Ecosmart ES5M10123 (23W) or Technical Consumer Products Model 10123

    Ecosmart ES5R315DIM (15W) or Technical Consumer Products Model 2R3015DIM

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      Is the 6668 the common leading edge type or the uncommon trailing edge type phase control?


      If 6668 & 6673 both recommends Philips Marathon/Earthlight CFLs, what's the technical reason the 6673 can't operate two-wire dimming ballasts?


      OSRAM SYLVANIA simply says to use "fluorescent rated".