• Vizia RF + dimmers and switches support beaming?

    I see that the new VRC0P that was just released this month supports beaming. Do any of the other Vizia RF + devices support beaming? In particular, the dimmers (e.g. VRI06-1L), switches (e.g. VRS15-1L), and plug-in mo...
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  • Vizia RF + dimmer support for dimmable CFL?

    I'm about to replace a large number of switches & dimmers with the Leviton Vizia RF + line. I'm concerned about using the dimmers, however, given that incandescent lights are being "eclipsed" by CFL. So, I'm wond...
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  • New VRC0P supporting beaming...  Release date?

    Any firm release date yet?  Any new additional features like firmware upgradable?
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  • CFL and Vizia RF+ switches, dimmers and plugin modules?

    I would like to know which Vizia RF+ switches, dimmers and plugin modules will work with CFL devices and not cause a flicker when off?   Thanks,
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  • VRC0P-1LW control of VRCZ4-MR LED indicators

          I would like to use my VRC0P to control the color (Green, Red, Orange and None) of the LED indicators on several VRCZ4s associated with a common lighting load.  Specifically, I woul...
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  • Does VRCOP-1LW support Kwikset Motorized Deadbolt?

    I would like to know if VRCOP-1LW supports the new Kwikset Motorized Deadbolt with Home Connect (zwave)? If not is support planned?  If so, any time frame?   I am trying to design a system for my house wh...
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