• IPS02 Keeps Turning on Immediately After Turning off

    Hi, I recently purchased an LED light fixture (14inch dimmable LED ceiling light made by Lights Of America, model 4100DE-MG3) to replace my existing bare bulb incandescent light fixture in my garage.  After insta...
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  • VRI06-1LZ 4 way connection with 2 VP00R-10 switches

    Hello, I am trying to connect a VRI06-1LZ in a 4-way configuration using 2 VP00R-10 switches. I followed the instructions in the VP00R-10 manual for how to make a connection for 3-way application but couldn't find an...
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  • VPT24-1PZ Timer Switch

    Can this timer switch be used with a LED load?   Thank you,
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  • Orange Indicator Light Flicker - Leviton 6631-LW SureSlide 600W Incandescent Slide Dimmer

    Any thoughts or ideas as to what conditions might cause the orange indicator light to "flicker" when the dimmer switch is in the off position?  Is this normal or expected?  The flickering is inconsistent and...
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  • IPS02 occupancy switch turns on when circut breaker is engaged, but then does not work

    Re IPS02 occupancy switch: I have installed two of these swtiches in the same a single pole application, and neither has worked. I connected Black wire to black terminal, White wire to red (pinkish) terminal and groun...
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  • occupancy sensor for stairs

    Hi,     Im looking for a switch for stairs. There is currently only a switch at the top of the stairs and I would like to change this to an occupancy sensor and add a similar switch at the bottom.  I ...
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  • Leviton Grades vs Retail

    I know this has been asked but a definitive answer was not provided. Leviton grades receptacles as: Residential Commercial Industrial Home Depot grades receptacles as: Standard Preferred Professional.   I...
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  • T5632 (Duplex Recepticle and USB Charger) tripping AFCI circuit

    I was just rewiring a home and put two of these Levitron Combination Duplex Receptacle And USB Charger 15 Amp units in a master bedroom. As soon as any normal load is put anywhere on the circuit (at one of the normal ...
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  • IPS02 turns on immediately after turning off

    I just installed an IPS02 motion activated light control in my pantry. It worked properly a few times, but then started turning itself back on as soon as it went off. If I turn it off manually it will stay off, but th...
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  • N-Type connectors

    Does Leviton make a N-Type connector?
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  • Coax Cable Run

    How far can you transmit signal over coaxial cable?
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  • 4980L-VFO

    Can I wall mount a vertical Wire managers (4980L-VFO & 8980L-VFO)?
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  • Using 2 Occupancy Sensors as 3-way Switches?

    Right now I have a stairwell light that is controlled by a 3-way switch at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom of the stairs.   I wanted to be able to install occupancy sensors at the top and bottom ...
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  • DZMX1 Pairing & Z-Wave

    HI, first post here. I have a few questions about the Leviton DZMX1, I don't know which are appropriate for this forum, but I'll ask and see how it goes. My ultimate goal is to have the DZMX1 controlled by a Logitech ...
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  • Splice Trays

    What is the operating environment temperature of the splice trays?
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  • OIP Part Numbers

    I have a list of OIP part numbers but I can't find them anywhere, what are the current part numbers?
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  • Fiber Splice Modules in Wall-Mount Enclosures

    Will our Fiber Splice Modules fit inside our Wall-mount enclosures?
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  • Door jam 1885 switch

    I'm fixing a 1885 Levitan door switch installed by the previous owner and after taking the door plate off I noticed that there is Romex coming into it has black going to one side of the switch, white to the other.&nbs...
    last modified by Mark S
  • VPT24 not working after power outage

    I have had the VPT24 cycling a bathroom fan with no problems for 3 years. The power went out in a storm for a few minutes and now the unit simply flashes on/off. It will not respond to input or reset as per instructio...
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  • I have installed the Electronic Countdown Timer Switch

    The instructions say you can reprogram the buttons to alternate times, and gives instructions, BUT something seems to be missing.  After step 4 there must be another instruction to enter 2, 5, 10 or 15 minute sel...
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