• IPS02 turns on immediately after turning off

    I just installed an IPS02 motion activated light control in my pantry. It worked properly a few times, but then started turning itself back on as soon as it went off. If I turn it off manually it will stay off, but th...
    last modified by Jann Mayer
  • Using 2 Occupancy Sensors as 3-way Switches?

    Right now I have a stairwell light that is controlled by a 3-way switch at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom of the stairs.   I wanted to be able to install occupancy sensors at the top and bottom ...
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  • Door jam 1885 switch

    I'm fixing a 1885 Levitan door switch installed by the previous owner and after taking the door plate off I noticed that there is Romex coming into it has black going to one side of the switch, white to the other.&nbs...
    last modified by Mark S
  • VPT24 not working after power outage

    I have had the VPT24 cycling a bathroom fan with no problems for 3 years. The power went out in a storm for a few minutes and now the unit simply flashes on/off. It will not respond to input or reset as per instructio...
    last modified by Aaron McLean
  • I have installed the Electronic Countdown Timer Switch

    The instructions say you can reprogram the buttons to alternate times, and gives instructions, BUT something seems to be missing.  After step 4 there must be another instruction to enter 2, 5, 10 or 15 minute sel...
    last modified by David Golem
  • 5225 end of run

    I am replacing a switch/outlet combination with a 5225. It is locate end of run. That is runs through light first. Box has black , white, ground , and black wrapped with white tape( switch leg?)  I wired same as ...
    last modified by Lars Herbst
  • Vizia RF Fan Control with Hunter Fan

    I've added a Vizia RF Fan Control to my network replacing the original Hunter controller and find the fan speed settings are way out of line compared to the Hunter controller.  The low setting barely moves the bl...
    last modified by Karl Mann
  • Occupancy 4 way install

    In my home I have several 3way lighting situations and no less then 6 4way lighting situations.  Clearly I have no  problem using two 3 way occupancy switches of the right flavor  to enable motion detec...
    last modified by Richard Mezger
  • Kwikset 910 Deadbolt does not add to Vizia RF Installer "The device did not respond properly"

    When I try to enroll the new Kwikset 910 deadbolts it fails with "The device did not respond properly. Please move the RF Installer USB stick closer to the Device or rest the Device, Then try to Include again."  ...
    last modified by Anthony Bastian
  • Trouble with motion sensor

    I need help, please: I just installed an 002-ODS10-IDW switch; the switch won't work manually, and the motion detector doesn't work.  A red light flashes approximately every second.  Do I have a faulty switc...
    last modified by Dave Morrison
  • Vizia RF Tool and Windows 10?

    I have Vizia RF Tool working in Windows 7 but after installing Windows 10 it no longer sees the Leviton USB RF Tool Module.  Anyone tried this or have this issue? Thanks
    last modified by Dave A
  • Single pole night lighted switch blinking with an LED light installed.

    I have a Leviton Decora night light single pole switch which had a halogen bulb installed in it. It would get rahter hot while being dimmed, and we switched to a Sylvania brand LED light bulb, and I noticed that the n...
    last modified by Robert White
  • IPSD6 with 3 way switch

    I suspect I have mis-wired the switches, but they passed my double check inspection.I am finding the occupancy switch only operates when the second three way switch is in one position. When the 3 way switch is in the ...
    last modified by Ken Aarts
  • T5225 switch/outlet combo - I want switch to control outlet

    I've got an old but very nice and exceptionally quiet room heater that is failing. I want to rewire it internally to bypass all thermostat controls, and plug it into a simple blue plastic switch box that will let me t...
    last modified by Pat Kelly
  • LTB30 timer with VPOSR remote switch - remote does not have LED, can hook up hot wire anyway?

    I'm using a VIZIA VPOSR - standard remote rocker with an LTB30 countdown timer.  The wiring diagram shows that hot/black connection to the remote switch is not required because the remote switch does not have any...
    last modified by Brian LaVigne
  • Install a VPT24-1PZ timer in a classic 4 way switch system (three switches control one light).

    I want to install a VPT24-1PZ timer in a classic 4 way switch system (three switches control one light).  I know the timer requires a hot lead.  Do I have to use VP0SR-10 Z coordinating switches in the other...
    last modified by Jim Bole
  • Web-Link II

    I have Web Link II software to send emails and texts when alerts happen from my Omni IIe controller.  However, it has stopped working.  Best I can tell, its because it does not support SSL connections to com...
    last modified by Rene Bernier
  • GFCI Variable Voltage Range?

    We have a customer that wants to have a GFCI receptacle installed as a variable voltage receptacle controlled by a Superior Power-stat. 0VAC to 140VAC 60 Hz. 15 Amps. Will a commercial grade GFCI trip with a voltage ...
    last modified by larry reed
  • FAQs Decora Rocker Slide.pdf

    Frequently asked questions regarding the Decora Rocker Slide Universal Dimmers: DSM10, DSL06 & DSE06
    last modified by GOrrigo
  • Decora Rocker Slide Dimmer Spec Sheet

    Datasheet for the Decora Rocker Slide Switches (DSM10, DSL06, DSE06).
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