• How secure is communication against noise fields in a rough industrial environment?

    How secure is communication against noise fields in a rough industrial environment?
  • LED Lighting and a motion sensor?

    Does LED lighting work with any motion sensor switch? If so which one? If not .. why not?         Learn more about Leviton occupancy sensors and vacancy sensors at https://www.leviton.com/sensors
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  • Leviton 6161-W Decora 4-Level Step Dimmer

    I just bought the Levition No. 6161 4-Level dimmer switch and wanted to know if it will work with Dimmable LED lights.  The switch hums when I turn it on with dimmable LEDs lights.   Thank you for your ans...
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  • Looking for a solution to use an occupancy sensor for stairwell lighting

    Hello,   I'm looking for a solution to a light switch problem I am having with the stairwell that goes from the main floor to the upper floor in my home.  Currently, I have an occupancy sensor (I believe it...
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  • Vizia RF+ Installer Tool and compatibility with Monster Illuminessence dimmers, RCS TZ43 thermostat and Intermatic CA9000 motion sensors.

    I have recently taken delivery of a VRUSB-1US Installer Stick, and downloaded version 1.0.4 of the Vizia RF+ installer software, which I used it to set up my partially completed ZWave network.  The network curren...
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  • Can the 6161T control a fan?

    Can the 6161T control a fan?
  • Do the sensors work with LED or CFL bulbs?

    Yes, Leviton's relay based sensors are compatible with all LED and CFL bulbs.  The Leviton dimming sensors are tested to be compatible with most major manufacturers dimmable LED and dimmable CFL bulbs.
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  • Need help with gfci/switch combo - only two wires coming into switch

    Hello- I need help wiring the Leviton light switch & gfci outlet combo (model # X7299-W). I am replacing a standard light switch and only have two visible wires coming into the box, a black and a white, nothing e...
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  • T5225

    Confused on the wiring. One circuit in the box. Line in should be connected to silver & gold. Switched legs are connected to the two black screws?   Thanks
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  • Is there beaming support in switches and dimmers yet?

    Is there a list anywhere of what modules/controllers and Leviton devices support beaming. Older posts go back to April '11, and I'm trying to find out if I'll need to purchase a VRP03-1LW plug in lamp control module i...
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  • Why 15 amp for 20 amp circuit?

    What is the purpose of the 15 amp GFCI for a 20 amp circuit? I assume since it protects the load for the rest of the outlets that they too are now only 15 amp.   Thanks
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  • Decora Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor (ODS10-ID) Product Specifications.pdf

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  • How do I install a timer delay switch on an end of run?

    I want to install a LTB02-1LZ countdown timer, but there are only two wires - one black and one white, no red.  It is an end of run switch, so the white wire is actually the hot wire and the black runs back to th...
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  • ViziaRF+ scene response times

    I have a 46 node ViziaRF+ lighting system installed including 15A switches, 600W dimmers, ELV dimmers and 15A receptacles + some 4-button scene controllers.  The house is only 1500 sq/ft.  When a scene is pr...
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  • Help with Kwikset lock

    I need some help with getting a new Kwikset lock to work. I have two other locks which work fine. All controlled with a VRC0P. I can control them from a HAI system or directly using a terminal program on my laptop. Th...
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  • Ground wiring for a GFCI outlet?

    I have a GFCI outlet that shows "Open Ground" using a tester (the ground light is actually flickering). I've tried tracing the line back to where the ground isn't connected/poorly connected, but unfortunately i can't ...
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  • VRC0P+3 Schlage deadbolt support

    I have two Z wave Schlage BE369NX locks. I have added them to the Leviton Z Wave network and ran RS-232 setup successfully.   What are the ASCII command that I can send to the Schlage locks?   The locks a...
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  • VPT24-1PZ without LED Indicator?

    Is it possible to disable the LED indicator at the bottom of the VPT24-1PZ ?  I know that the remote switch is available with or without but I don't wish to have the LED active on the main unit.  If not is t...
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  • VPT24-1PZ  Light Switch Programable Timer

    I recently purchased a programable light switch timer, VPT24-1PZ, to replace the existing light switch that is currently installed.. I tried installing it and the screen would not start up or the light would not switc...
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  • Vizia RF+ Installer Tool & VRCOP

    Can the VRC0P associations be programmed by using the RF+ Installer Tool? If so, what are the correct steps to accomplish it? Or, do I need to complete the VRC0P association programming with the VRCPG programmer/remot...
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