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VPT24-1PZ Astronomical Program not working




We've purchased a VPT24-1PZ timer to drive the exterior lights on our building.  A picture of the box is below.




The installation seems correct.  When pressing the toggle cover on the timer switch the lights turn on and off.


I went through the process to set the timer into pro mode and set it up for astronomical timing.  The process when correctly as per both the instruction sheet and a web video I found.  However the timer is not switch the lights on and off at sunset and sundown.  I set the switch during the day.  When I came out after dark, the lights were not on.  Below is a picture on the front of the switch is what I assume is operating mode.  Based on what I've read and seen, this is correct.  At the time indicated, I would assume the timer would be on.  It isn't.




Is there something I'm missing?  Does anyone need more pictures to diagnose the problem.


Any help appreciated.