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VPT24-1P Battery Back-up


We've a VPT24-1P controlling our outdoor lights for the past couple of years. Lately, I've noticed that the battery backup doesn't maintain clock settings during a power failure--even a brief one. Is there a way to replace the rechargeable battery?

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    The VPT24 has a built-in rechargeable battery. When AC is lost, the VPT24 should maintain the time for 24 hours on battery power. During this time, you can access all programming functions . After 24 hours, the VPT24 will disconnect the battery and the time will be lost. This contributes to the overall life of the battery.  Programmed events are always maintained on non-volatile memory.



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      I am having the same problem with the battery.  I shows about one bar on the battery.  If I loose power or flip the wrong breaker, I loose my clock settings.  Is the battery replaceable, assuming the charger is still working?

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        The internal battery is not user replaceable and should not have to be replaced as long as there is a constant AC power connection.  The VPT24 does have a 5-year limited warranty.  Please call into our technical support team at 1-800-324-3005 for further support.

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          We are using three of your VPT24 timers at our company.  These timers are nearly five years old.  After reading the previous comments on this subject, we elected to test the timers to see if the internal batteries were still operational. We simulated a power outage by killing the breaker that feeds the timers.  The resultant displays on the timers were totally empty, thus no indication of the battery strength at the start of power interruption.  We then turned back on the power and saw that each timer had lost track of the time of day.  So does this mean that the batteries in our timers have served their expected lives, thus replacement of the timers is now recommended?



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            No battery backup and no permanent programmable memory (flash memory)

            VPT24 lose everything at power outage


            I have the same issue, after more than a year with no answer from Leviton, I think it's a design flaw!

            I had mine for 5 years now and I thought I was not using it properly, to finaly realize there was no battery backup.

            In fact Leviton says that everything is in flash memory (Keeps everything when no power) it is not true.

            I lose everything at power outage & on top of it, clock doesn't work.


            It is a shame to me from a big company like Leviton, they should have made a recall.

            I don't know how much time it stayed on the shelves, but mine never had battery neither flash memory ic.