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5225 end of run


I am replacing a switch/outlet combination with a 5225. It is locate end of run. That is runs through light first. Box has black , white, ground , and black wrapped with white tape( switch leg?)  I wired same as device I pulled out and circuit trips after powering circuit. Can you explain wiring sequence for this application?

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    You should wire the device the same as you normally would.  Based on the information you've provided, one would think one of those wires is a hot wire, in which case that would wire to one of the common terminals (keep the tab intact).  The neutral (usually white) would go to the silver terminal, and the remaining wire is most likely the switch leg.  Of course without identifying the wires with a tester, it's difficult (not to mention risky!) to provide wiring instructions.  I'd strongly recommend testing the wires, and calling us at 800.824.3005 for more in-depth support.