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Why 15 amp for 20 amp circuit?


What is the purpose of the 15 amp GFCI for a 20 amp circuit? I assume since it protects the load for the rest of the outlets that they too are now only 15 amp.



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    There are many applications where you may have a 20A circuit but the actual receptacles installed on that circuit are 15A (common in many kitchen and bath circuits).  You may similarly install a 15A GFCI on one of these circuits.  Because a GFCI has the ability to provide downstream protection it must be able to handle the full current rating of the circuit that it is used on.  If you put a 15A GFCI in a 20A circuit it must be capable of providing protection for the entire 20A circuit.  It is for this reason that ALL15A GFCI receptacles are required to have a 20A feed-through rating (that is, if they have feed-through capability; which they all do have).