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timer switch and GFCI


I bought a 6124H-W electronic timer switch a couple of years ago.  I have a circuit that runs from the house to the street with a post light, outlet, and low-voltage transformer feeding some path lights, and wanted to put the lights on a schedule.  I think there was a GFCI outlet near the house that was upstream from the rest of it, too.


Anyway, much as I tried to make it work, the downstream GFCI outlets were very unhappy.  They would trip and could not be reset.  I eventually gave up.


(Again, this was a couple of years back, but I'm pretty sure this describes what I encountered.)


I'd still very much like to get the switch working.  Having read about GFCI breakers that I can use to protect a whole circuit at the panel, I'm wondering whether I might have success putting the switch on such a circuit.  I'm asking here first because I really don't want to throw good money after bad.


Any advice about using the switch on an outdoor circuit with GFCI receptacles (or the GFCI breaker option) would be appreciated, thanks!