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Remote Access and Monitoring?

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Can I monitor my home remotely?

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    Yes, the most popular way is using a mobile device, such as an iOS or Android phone or tablet running Snap-Link Mobile.  Snap-Link Mobile tunnels directly into the Leviton automation system through a secure AES encrypted connection which allows you to monitor and control your home using encrypted communications over Wi-Fi or cellular data networks.  Snap-Link Mobile puts home control in the palm of your hand.  Snap-Link Mobile allows monitoring and control of lights, security, audio, temperatures, webcams, and more on handheld mobile devices.


    Another option is Snap-Link for Windows application which resides on a USB drive that plugs into any PC.  There is no installation of the program, so when you’re finished you just unplug the drive and leave no residue of the application on the computer.  Using the AES encrypted connection, you can check and adjust lights, security, temperatures, humidity settings, audio, access control, user settings, webcams, and more.


    Finally, for those that are less tech savvy, you can call into the system using any touch-tone phone and access the system. Using the built-in voice menu, you are guided as you get status and control almost any aspect of the system using touch tones.