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Mounting the 10085 Lamp Holder


After looking at the mechanical drawing and pictture of the 10085 Lamp holder it is still unclear how this Lamp Holder is mounted. Does anyone have a better description or picture ?  Does the 6-32 screws protrude from the base by 1/16 and are they free to turn ? Are they a

Philips head screw that spins from inside the socket to tighten to a mounting plate ?  Is their an insulator for this lamp holder ?



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         The 10085 comes with (2) #6-32 mounting screws that protrude .16" when fully tightened.  You would need to make sure that there are some bushings lined up and installed where the lampholder is being mounted. The screws can be tightened/loosened from inside the socket. Alternatively, the 10085-5 is the same lampholder with bushing mounts assembled to the body that are tapped at #6-32.  The 10085 comes with a washer, not the 10085-5.  All of our screws are combination-type.  Feel free to call us directly at 800.824.3005 if you need further assistance.