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wiring problem



I am trying to install  a dimmer light switch 6633 . the problem is the wires in the outlet, I have a black, a ,white   and a bare copper in one wire coming into the box and there is a second wire coming in with 2 blacks, 2 whites ,and  2 bare copper wires twisted together.

I have tried a dozen times to wire the 6633 and I have blown every dimmer. can some one please tell me what I am doing wrong.

one wire that have two each ,one is the hot wire and I am using the twisted bare copper as the ground wire .

thank you for any help you can give .

  • Re: wiring problem

    The 6633 should be wired as follows:

    The black off the dimmer should go to your hot wire supplying 120V, the red (without the insulating label) would be connecting to the load wire (going to lights), the red with insulating label would not be used and the green on the dimmer would go to your ground wire.

    If you are unsure of what the wiring is in your wall and do not feel comfortable then I would recommend calling a local electrician for assistance.