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IPS02 Won't Turn Off After Installation


I tried to install an IPS02 occupancy sensor today, and was able to get it "working", but it would not turn off the lights under any timing or light sensor settings.  Has anyone else encountered this?

  • IPS02 Won't Turn Off After Installation

         Make sure that the switch has a properly wired ground, as it is necessary for operation.  If the light doesn't turn off, you may want to bring adjust the time delay dial fully counter clockwise, and then place a couple of pieces of electrical tape over the lens.  The lights on the device should stop blinking, and after ~30 seconds, the lights should turn off, and you can return the dial to its original position.

          If the lights turn off, the dimmer should be working fine, and its possible that something in its environment is causing the sensor to detect occupancy.  Be sure to keep the sensor away from any potential heat sources, vents, etc., to avoid false-triggers.

    • IPS02 Won't Turn Off After Installation

      I have just installed 2 of these switches side by side in a bathroom. They have been identically wired yet the one I have for the light works just fine, and the one I have on the exhaust fan, once it turns on it cycles on and off. If I manually turn if off, once movement happens it turns on then after the designated time turns off then cycles right back on. I've switched the two switches to check for faulty equipment the light works fine on both, so I think it's something with the fan. 


      If I turn the sensitivity way down in the fan it shuts off, but then movement won't trigger it back on. Does anyone know what could be the problem?


      Both are grounded.


      Thank you.