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Leviton 6312 lights light turn on/off only part of the week


Hi i have a leviton 6312

the light switch that works the exterior lights on my house has a green lit light

i have checked the programming and they are set to turn the lights on at 7pm and off at 6am

they only do this Wed thru Sat... and dont do it Sunday thru Tuesday..Random..

i can manually turn the lights on and off no problem

it was working fine.. then started this partial week thing then i erased all the times on the leviton 6312 and reprogrammed it worked great for a while then had a power outage and ,, reprogrammed and it is doing this again


any suggestions

  • Re: Leviton 6312 lights light turn on/off only part of the week

    I would recommend going into program review and checking the program settings for the addresses.  Also make sure that the selector switch is in the correct setting (1-4 or 5-8) when programming.

    The instruction manual available for download here might help you navigate through the timer.

    If the lights are working intermittently then you will also have to check for line noise coming from other items in your house that could be interrupting the signal.