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Combining Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault


My house was built around 1940, and the electrical system has been added onto piecemeal over the years. A few years ago I had a new HVAC system installed, and at that time had the service upgraded to 200 Amps and had a new breaker box installed. I traced all the wiring, then installed GFCI breakers on all the circuits which fed outlets which were in the bathroom, the kitchen, outside, and in the unfinished basdement.


So now I hear that AFCIs are recommended for outlets in bedrooms and many other areas (and required by the NEC for new construction). The way the house is wired, the outlets in the bathroom and in one of the bedrooms are on the same (GFCI) breaker. This also happens to be a double-pole breaker -- I told you the house was wired funny.  :-)


Leviton now offers a duplex receptacel with AFCI built in. Could I install this in the bedroom? In other words, is it OK to have an AFCI receptacle fed by a GFCI breaker? Thanks.

  • Combining Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault

    Yes, you can have an AFCI receptacle fed by a GFCI breaker.  Please keep in mind that the AFCI receptacle is a branch circuit receptacle and should be the first receptacle in the circuit to allow AFCI protection to the rest of the receptacles that are connected downstream.