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Occupancy sensor with bi-level switching


Our office has two regular manual switches for a set of lights: switch # 1 controls one T8 lamp in each fixture while switch # 2 controls the remaining two T8 lamps in each fixture - this way, we can get 0%, 33%, 66% or 100% lighting. They are all on the same circuit.


Question: is it possible to add a Leviton ceiling occupancy sensor "in front" of these two switches (Occupancy Sensor with Leviton Power Back OPB15-DW)?


The sensor would be always powered; when it detects occupancy, it would close its relay, and the 2 existing manual switches would allow to adjust the level of lighting - 0, 33, 66 or 100%.




  • Occupancy sensor with bi-level switching



         You can utilize a sensor in the manner you suggested, but you will need to use two power packs, and have them wired in parallel, in front of your switches.  I would recommend the OSP20-D0 power packs, with a ceiling sensor like the OSC20-M0W (2000 sqft.).  Depending on your install, you may multiple sensors for the best coverage.