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Help with Kwikset lock


I need some help with getting a new Kwikset lock to work. I have two other locks which work fine. All controlled with a VRC0P. I can control them from a HAI system or directly using a terminal program on my laptop. The third lock enrolled fine into my zwave network. When I update the associations with the installer tool, I receive can't find errors for all three locks.  However, my original first two locks continue to work fine. The new one does not. Kwikset sent me a new zwave card to try, but I'm getting the same results. I can switch my zwave cards between my different locks and the first two work no matter which lock I place the card in. The third card just does not work which seems to indicate something is going on between the lock and the VRC0P.   Thanks for any suggestions. SJ

  • Help with Kwikset lock

    What is the model of the lock?

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      Model 910   Also, I have tried re-enrolling both the lock and the VRC0P. No luck with the new lock.  Thanks. Steve


      Update: I created a new network with only 3 devices to try and isolate the issues.  Installer, Lock and VRC0P.  No luck.  Lock enrolls fine, etc.  but never works.   Also, it never creates an association (RS232 setup). Always fails - everytime I try.  Seems like this used to work on previous version of the installer.  I wonder if my first two locks continue to work because they were installed and associated correctly with the VRC0P?  However, I can not get the new lock to do that.  When I reset my VRC0P (back to factory settings) and reenroll, my first two locks still work.  I have tried several zwave cards from Kwikset.  Seems like it must be that the installer is now not setting the information correctly on the lock itself?  Please help.


      Well, I updated the firmware on the VRC0P (again) and re-enrolled both the lock and VRC0P and IT WORKS!