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Ground wiring for a GFCI outlet?


I have a GFCI outlet that shows "Open Ground" using a tester (the ground light is actually flickering). I've tried tracing the line back to where the ground isn't connected/poorly connected, but unfortunately i can't find it. The GFCI outlet self test light is green, and tests fine using the test/reset buttons.


So, is there any real issue with not having a proper ground connection? If this was a regular outlet, I can't understand the need, but since this is a GFCI outlet, what am I really losing on by not having a ground. (This outlet is next to a sink)



  • Ground wiring for a GFCI outlet?

    Since a GFCI does not use the ground connection to detect ground faults the GFCI receptacle will work without a ground wire connected. However the GFCI receptacle is a 3-wire grounding device so the National Electric Code will require that it is labeled with a "no equipment ground" sticker if a ground wire is not connected. If you did not receive the “no equipment ground” sticker with the GFCI give us your address and we will have them sent to you.