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Wiring 5225 middle-of-run...


I want to wire a 5225 switch/receptacle combo in the middle of a run with the switch controlling just the outlet. I've installed plenty of plain outlets, but this one is a bit confusing-- and I'm getting different answers depending on where I'm looking.


Do I...


a) after joining the grounds and attaching them to the box and the green screw, simply join the white/neutrals together and attach/pigtail them to the silver screw, then join the black/hots together, attaching/pigtailing them to the brass hot screw, per the instructions?


b) Same as above, except with the incoming hot/black wire connected to the brass screw and the outgoing hot/black wire connected to one of the black screws...if so, does it matter which black screw?


c) Something else entirely?


Thanks for helping a just-knowledgeable-enough-to-be-dangerous homeowner keep from killing himself.

  • Wiring 5225 middle-of-run...

    In order for the switch to control the receptacle, you would "back feed" the device.  You would keep the brass tab intact, and run your hot wire to the brass screw, and the neutral wire to the silver screw.  Nothing would connect to the black screws.