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VPT24-1PZ  Light Switch Programable Timer


I recently purchased a programable light switch timer, VPT24-1PZ, to replace the existing light switch that is currently installed.. I tried installing it and the screen would not start up or the light would not switch on.


The existing wires found inside the wall are the following: 2 black wires, ground wire screwed to the back of the metal housing and a bunch of white wires was capped together.


The timer I bought has the following wires: 1 Black, 1 Red, 1 Green and 1 White.


I proceeded to to hook up the hot wire to the Black, the other black to the Red, the Green with the ground wire and the White wire with the white wire that belongs to the current switch I'm replacing.


This resulted with no luck. I then tried connecting the black wire that was connected to the Red and connected it to the Black on the timer switch and vise versa with the black wire that was connceted originally to the Black on the timmer switch. With the outcome being the same, the switch still does not work.


Does anyone one know what I'm doing wrong or did I buy a defective light switch?