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Vizia RF+ Installer Tool and compatibility with Monster Illuminessence dimmers, RCS TZ43 thermostat and Intermatic CA9000 motion sensors.


I have recently taken delivery of a VRUSB-1US Installer Stick, and downloaded version 1.0.4 of the Vizia RF+ installer software, which I used it to set up my partially completed ZWave network.  The network currently consists of:
~10 Monster Illuminessence IWD-600S dimmers.  One of thte dimmers is identified as a RZI-06 dimmer by the Installer Tool, the rest are properly ID'ed as Monster.
2 Schlage / Trane thermostats
1 RCS TZ43 thermostat
1 Leviton RZS15 switch
1 Intermatic CA9000 PIR sensor
1 Leviton VRC0P RS232 interface

Monster Illuminessence are "level 2" compatible with Leviton hardware, according to Leviton's own documentation, and support two-way status reporting.  The Trane thermostat is an OEM RCS TZ43 minus remote and outdoor sensors.  The Intermatic is...  weird. 

I'm having a few issues with the network, and I'm hoping to get resolved:

1) The Vizia RF+ Installer Software is that it does NOT see my Monster Illuminessence dimmers as "routing slave" devices, and, therefore, is NOT allowing me to associate them to the VRC0P.  The only routing slaves I see is are two devices identified as Leviton - the Monster dimmer with a mistaken identity, and the real RZS15 switch.  I need to associate all my dimmers with the VRC0P in order to use them with my home automation software.

2) The TZ43 shows up as an "unknown device" with thermostat properties.  (By comparison, the Trane thermostats are ID'ed correctly, and show up with proper thermostat icons)

3) The Vizia RF+ Installer software cannot make heads or tails out of the CA9000.  It thinks that it is a dimmer (not a sensor!) and, obviously, cannot associate it with one of my dimmers. All I really want is to have the PIR activate one of my dimmers if it sees activity, and keep the lights on for 5 minutes.

4) I am unable to send information to a non-Leviton handheld controller (a GE 45601 Advanced Remote).  When I initially tried setting up the network with the GE as the primary, I was able to dump the entire network into the installer stick, make the installer stick primary, and keep the 45601 to control my lights without leaving the couch.  Of course silly me had to reset every switch and redo the network thinking THAT was the reason I couldn't associate my Monster dimmers with the VRC0P.

There's a lot to like about the software - such as very straightforward signal testing and route optimiziation features.  However, it looks it simply needs to be more aware of non-Leviton devices.  Never mind devices that were made by Leviton for other manufacturers.

(By the way, could Thinkessentials figure out PIR sensors, and associate Leviton-by-proxy dimmers with a VRC0P?  Did I just buy the wrong stick?  )