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Vizia Deployment Errors


Changed one scene on one scene controller and the deployment made many settings to other scene controllers as shown on the deployment log, file attached. At the end of the deployment, the message read ”Network Programming Completed Successfully” yet there were a few errors. I have two questions….Why did the deployment make settings to other scene controllers? Do I ignore the failures as noted in the deployment log since the end message stated the programming was successful?


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  • Vizia Deployment Errors

    There were failures but if you look closely the deployment shows that the second attempts completed successfully.


    It shows:


    Setting Node:23 SceneID:61 Dimming Duration:00:00:00 Level:50     (This was Attempt 1)

    Failed Setting Node:23 scene configuration                        (You would get a popup msg here that asks you to retry)

    Setting Node:23 SceneID:61 Dimming Duration:00:00:00 Level:50     (You hit retry and Attempt 2 completed without failure)

    Setting reverse association info in device:23 


    In regard to why it programmed more devices, there is no way to determine that you did not make any changes since the last deployment.  You must have made changes, then saved the file and forgot you made the changes. Then when you opened the file again and made more changes and programmed the system, all the changes that you made from before will now be sent through the deployment.