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Using VRI06-1L Dimmer and VP003-10 Coordinating Remote in 3-way


I have six sets of 3-way lights. I purchased six sets of the matching Leviton Vizia RF + VRI106-1L Dimmer and VP003-10 Coordinating Dimmer (the non-LED version).


The electrician successfully installed the VRI016-1L and VP003-10 in three out of the six 3-way lights.


However, the electrician was not sure how the wiring works for the remaining three 3-way lights. In each 3-way light, the electrician was not sure which wires are hot or load wires. He said that he would have to "experiment" by hooking up the wires to the dimmers in different ways. However, he was afraid that if he connected the wires incorrectly, that the dimmer or coordinating dimmer would be damaged (e.g. "fried"). So, if he doesn't hook it up right way the first time, he can try another way to hook it up. However, if a subsequent attempt to connect it turns out to be the correct way, we wouldn't know it was correct if a previous incorrect attempt had damaged the dimmers.


Basically, my question boils down to: How "robust" are the VRI06-1L AND VP003-10 dimmers? Would they be damaged if hooked up the wrong way, or would they just not work, so the electrician can experiment with another way of hooking them up?