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Vizia RF + plug-in modules Questions


Some questions related to the Vizia RF + plug-in modules:


1. I understand that with the load sensing feature, if the VRP03-1LW plug-in lamp module is currently "off", and you manually turn on the lamp connected to it (using the lamp's switch), the plug-in module will turn "on" automatically. My question is, If you then manually turn "off" the lamp, will the plug-in module also turn "off" (so that the module reports its status to the Z-Wave controller as "off"), or does the plug-in module's status remain "on" even though the lamp was manually turned off?


2. Does the VRP15-1LW plug-in appliance module also support load sensing just like the VRP03-1LW?


3. Can the VRP03-1LW plug-in lamp module be used with CFL or LED lamps as long as we only use it for ON and OFF and we don't use it for dimming? Can it be used for dimming (using dimmable CFL or dimmable LEDs)?

(I read that the VRP15 can be used for CFL and I assume LED but if it doesn't support beaming, then VRP03-1LW would be more desirable for plug-ins near locks).