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Setting up a Virtual Server or Port Forwarding on the Internet Gateway / 4-port Gigabit Router


This post applies to Version 2 of the 47611-GT4 and the 47611-GB4 ONLY.

To determine which version of the device you own, click here.


  • On the Virtual Servers screen go down to the Properties box. (If there is information already filled, in click on the "Clear Form" button in the bottom right hand corner of the Properties box.)


  • Check the "Enable" box and to the right of Enable type the name of the device you are opening a port for. 


  • In the PC (Server) field, click on the down arrow and a list of the IP addresses of all the devices that are hooked up to the router will be visible.  Select the IP address of the device you are trying to open up the port.  If you do not know the IP address of the device you can try logging into the device to get the IP address or look at the devices instruction sheet. 


  • After you select the IP address click on the down arrow for "Protocol".  **Consult your User Manual for the product you are trying to activate in order to determine whether or not to select TCP or UDP. If no information is provided, select the option for TCP/UDP.


  • Internal and External Fields:  these are the fields where you can enter the port ranges for your device. For example, if your device requires you to open ports from 550 – 555 you would enter 550 in the Internal port section and 555 in the External port section, if it just requires you to use one port like 550 then you would enter 550 in the Internal and External ports. 


  • After all the information is entered click on the "Add As New Server" button.  NOTE: if you make any changes to the server, you will then need to click on the "Update Selected Server" button.