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Macro Dimmer System

I have a Macro Dimmer system the controller is a 6 channel 4 preset unit the presets are working as follows instead of to the dimmer slides when I press
Preset 1 the Maxium Light come on as though it was what I pressed
Preset 2 All Off
Preset 3 Same as 1
Preset 4 Same as 2
Is this a problem with the controller and if so is it still on the market if not what would I use to Replace it.
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    Thank you for contacting us about your system.


    It sounds like you have a DPS2 preset slide controller. But can not be certain. Please see if there is a sticker on the dimming cabinet in the electrical room, if there is please see if there is a job name and or job number listed. We may be able to locate the original shop drawings of the cabinet and controls. If not, pictures are always worth a 1000 words. Please post here or email the pictures to lmstechsupport@leviton.com


    The Macro units can be evaluated and repaired here at our factory in Oregon. Please contact us for RMA # if you would like to proceed.


    We would recommend that you contact one of our local reps in your area for any product conciderations, ect..


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