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DDS 6000+ Multiplex --> DMX Conversion


I am having a heck of a time trying to convert a couple of DDS 6000+ packs from Multiplex to DMX.  I got the kits and thought I followed all the instructions correctly, but no joy.  I connect the system to my console & get a green signal light for a second, then it goes offline.  I reinstalled the IC chip, double checked the connections:  Only frustration.  I have read this is supposed to be an "easy" conversion.


More background:  The controller is an old ETC Vision, but I have had no issues communicating with DMX systems at other venues.  The instruction sheet is entitled "Instructions for Installing the OPT 5512 DMX 512 Kit, For DDS 5300/5600 Dimmers," so I'm wondering if there is information missing for converting the 6000.  Also, the packs run fine for "internal" chase sequences, so the power is being output; this would seem to be a comm signal problem.




1) Was there a chip I was supposed remove to stop the signal from going to a Multiplex chip?


2) Did I attach the 5-pin modules from the DMX connectors backwards?  It doesn't have any obvious guide for how it goes, but it seems to make sense that the tails would go toward the innards, not toward the exterior of the enclosure.


3) I fiddled with dipswitches till I was blue.  The internals don't seem to matter to signal.  Ditto for external switches. Am I missing something here?


4) Is it possible I am just missing a DMX Terminator plug?  My understanding is this shouldn't really be the issue until you get to longer runs.  I'm testing with a 50' cable, but that shouldn't kick in a problem as far as I know.


I'm going to continue troubleshooting by bringing the packs to a theater with another DMX controller to see if they will talk to that board.  I'll also test the Vision at that venue, but I don't expect that to be an issue.


If anyone has experience/thoughts I'd be greatly thankful... It is Thanksgiving, after all!  (I know, I should give it a rest for today...)