Using Amazon Alexa to Control an Omni Automation Controller



This integration note will describe how to control Lighting (Control), temperature (Thermostats), and macros (Buttons) on an Omni controller with voice commands using an Amazon Echo or Dot and a HomeSeer HomeTroller controller.


Items Needed:


  1. Omni II Series (Omni LTe, Omni IIe, OmniPro II) controller
  2. Amazon Echo or Dot
  3. HomeSeer HomeTroller (S2, SEL, SEL PRO, S6, or S6 PRO) controller, running firmware version or later
  4. HomeSeer Plug-in for Omni (OMNI Plug-In under Security category)
  5. MyHomeSeer Remote Web Account


Note: Although HomeSeer supports 2 Alexa Skills, this integration note will focus on the HomeSeer Smart Home Skill and not the HomeSeer Home Automation Skill, which required additional setup and longer phrases to control Omni devices.


HomeSeer Controller Setup:


  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click on Support and then Support Home.
  3. Download the Quick Start Guide for your respective controller under Home Controllers.
  4. Follow Steps 1 – 3 in the Quick Start Guide for:


    1. Initial setup and configuration of the HomeSeer controller
    2. Setting up Remote Access
    3. Ensure that the MyHS Remote Service registration process is completed This is used for remote access of your HomeSeer controller and is necessary for controlling with Alexa.
    4. Installing the Omni Plug-in


Configuring the Omni Plug-in


  1. After installing the Omni Plug-in, it must me enabled by setting the “Enable” slider to the checked position.

  2. After the Plug-in is enabled, click PLUG-INS, then OMNI, and select OMNI Config.

  3. Select the Panel tab and enter the Omni controller configuration information:


  4. Select the Units tab and enable the Units that will be controlled by Alexa.


    Note: HLC/Vizia RF+ Rooms may be enabled in the list. Rooms will be treated as a Unit and can only be turned on and off; you cannot set a Room to a scene. In this example, the Rooms were not enabled.
  5. Select the Thermostats tab and enable the Thermostats that will be controlled by Alexa.

  6. Select the Buttons tab and enable the Buttons that will be controlled by Alexa.




Configuring the HomeSeer Controller


  1. To configure the items in the HomeSeer controller, click the Home button on the menu bar.

  2. Make sure the names that you have for each device is clear, concise, and is easy to speak. In the Omni controller, names for items have a limited number of characters that can be used; consequently, names are often abbreviated. Alexa may not understand the abbreviations. It is recommended that you give a more descriptive name to each item within the HomeSeer interface.

    To modify the name and other settings, click the device name from the list. For example: Guest BedRm



  1. To change the name, click inside the edit box next to Device Name.


    In the Enter device Name dialog box, enter the new name for the item and then click Submit.

    For example: Guest Bedroom

  2. If any device names have numbers in them, it is also best to remove the number from the name.

    For example: Go To Bed (001)


In the Enter device Name dialog box, enter the new name for the item and then click Submit.

For example: Go To Bed

     3.   Configure Buttons so that they can be activated by Alexa. To configure a Button so that is can be activated by Alexa, you have to change the Status Graphics for the device (i.e. Button).

           NOTE: Button names must not contain the word On or Off (e.g. All Off) for it to be used with Alexa.

           First, select one of the Buttons by clicking the device name from the list. For example: Wake Up


Next, change the followings items in the Status Graphics for the device:


  1. Click the Status Graphics tab.
  2. Click on Execute Button in the Status edit box.
  3. In the Edit Value dialog box, enter Turn and then click Submit.

  4. In the Control Use drop-down menu, select On.

  5. Click Done.



Configuring Alexa


To configure Alexa, open a web browser and go to or open the Alexa app on your mobile device. The following examples are using a web browser.


  1. Click on Skills.
  2. In the Search bar, enter HomeSeer.
  3. Under Results, click on HomeSeer.

  4. Click on Enable to link to your MyHS Remote Service account that was created in Step 4b under HomeSeer Controller Setup.

  5. Enter your MyHS Remote Service Username and Password and then click LOGIN.

  6. Click on Devices.

  7. Click Discover to discover all of the devices connected to your Omni through the HomeSeer interface.

  8. A list of those devices will be displayed.

  9. Those devices can now be controlled by Alexa.

Controlling Devices with Alexa:




To control lighting with Alexa, you can use the following phrases. In these examples, the name of the unit is Lamp.


  • Alexa, turn the Lamp on
  • Alexa, turn the Lamp off
  • Alexa, set the Lamp to 50%
  • Alexa, dim the Lamp to 25%
  • Alexa, brighten the Lamp to 75%




To control Omnistat2 thermostat connected to Omni, the following phrases can be used. In these examples, the name of the thermostat is House.


  • Alexa, set the House temperature to 76 degrees
  • Alexa, lower the House temperature by 2 degrees
  • Alexa, raise the House temperature by 5 degrees


    • If the thermostat mode is Cool, the Cool setpoint will be set
    • If the thermostat mode is Heat, the Heat setpoint will be set
    • If the thermostat mode is Auto, both setpoints are adjusted to balance the temperature between the Heat and Cool setpoint




To activate a Button (i.e. scene), the following phrase is used. In these examples, the names of the Buttons are Water Lawn and Vacation.


  • Alexa, turn on Water Lawn
  • Alexa, turn on Vacation