Error Occurred On Init. Command 1



When attempting to use PC Access through a modem connection, "Error occurred on initialization command 1" is displayed.




This error is directly related to the inability of the software to adequately communicate with the computer's modem.  Causes may include Com Port, Baud Rate settings, fax and answering machine software, third party software drivers, and Windows services.




  1. The Comm Port selected under Configure>>Modem, must match the Comm Port assigned to the computer's modem.  You can check the modem's Comm Port using Device Manager.
  2. The Baud Rate setting must be one that is compatible with the modem being used.  This is rarely the cause, but could occur if using an older, slower modem.
  3. If the Comm Port and Baud Rate are proper, set up Initialization Command #2 as AT, and attempt to initialize the modem using only Initialization Command #2.  If this works, verify that Initialization Command #1 has not been altered.  If it is still the default, then one of the individual commands are not compatible.  You can use HyperTerminal to determine which of the commands are incompatible.  Then, the modem manufacturer can be contacted to find a  compatible command.
  4. If the AT command fails to initialize the modem properly, close the PC Access software and run the HyperTerminal program to see if communication can be accomplished.  If the HyperTerminal program access returns a message stating that another program/service is using the Comm Port, then there is an unknown program/driver that must be disabled.
  5. Check the Printer/Faxes for any fax drivers.  If any are found, go into their properties and disable any "Auto Send" or "Auto Receive" abilities and retest the HyperTerminal.
  6. If any answering machine software is installed, make sure it is not running.  Most (not all) of these applications provide a resident icon in the systray.  If found, close the software and retest the HyperTerminal.
  7. If any third party syncing software is installed (PDA/Palm devices), close any resident connection abilities and retest the HyperTerminal.
  8. If none of the above provide resolution, try the following:
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Administrative Tools
  • Open Services
  • Scan though the list of services and disable the Fax Service, Telephony Service, and any other service related to fax.
  • Once complete use HyperTerminal to retest the connection.


If none of the above provide any resolution, the customer will need to contact their computer or modem provider for more assistance.