PC Access 3.0 Crashes After First Use

Problem Summary:


After installation, PC Access version 3.0 is opened and used without issue.  After using the software and closing the program, it can no longer be opened without receiving an error like below:


  1. Problem occurred and software must close.
  2. Unhandled Exception




This is most likely the result of where PC Access account files are stored in relation to a previous installation of PC Access.  When PC Access 3.0 is installed, the application and associated files are installed in the My Documents\HAI\PC Access folder by default.  PC Access versions 2.XX and earlier, stored these files in the Program Directory (C:\Program Files\HAI\PC Access).


During installation, the installer has elevated privileges, such that when PC Access is launched at the end of the installation process, it inherits the elevated privileges.  This allows the application to build a list of files, including those from any
previous installation that still exist in the Program Files directory.  When PC Access 3.0 is closed and subsequently opened, it no longer has elevated privileges, causing the software to crash attempting to rebuild the list of files from the original installation location.




Since Microsoft is creating more restrictions in what can be stored in the Program Files location, it is recommended that you move any/all previous account files from the old directory (C:\Program Files\HAI\PC Access), to My Documents\HAI\PC Access


If you continue to experience errors and/or crashes after moving the files, please perform a copy/paste of the entire details of the error and report this information via email to SASupport@leviton.com.