What is an export file and how do I create one?



What is an export file and how do I create one?




An export file is a method of sharing PC Access files between different installations of PC Access software.


When PC Access is initially opened after installation, the user is prompted to enter a Security Stamp. The security stamp can be any combination of numbers and or letters.  Once established, every file created with that installation of software is tagged with that security stamp.  If a customer attempts to open a “.pca” file in another installation of the software that has a different security stamp, an “Invalid File Format” error is returned.


To create an export file, do the following:


  1. Open PC Access.
  2. Open the desired file.
  3. Click on File and select Export.
  4. Type in the desired name for the export file and click on Save.


The file will be saved with a “.exp” file extension.  To open this file in another installation, do the following:


  1. Save the file to a known location on the hard drive (the PC Access folder is adequate).
  2. Open PC Access.
  3. Click on File and select Import.
  4. Navigate to and select the export file.


When the user has finished using the file (try to close the file or software), they will be prompted to save the file.  This will save the file in “.pca” format, using the Security Stamp established in this installation.