PC Access Executable Disappears

Problem Summary:


After running “f_update.exe” in the PC Access folder, the software will no longer start up.  Upon further investigation, it is determined that the PC Access executable file no longer exists.




The “f_update.exe” is the utility that updates the PC Access software when a web update is performed.  Essentially, when a web update is performed, PC Access downloads the new version to a temporary file.  PC Access launches “f_update.exe” and then terminates. ”F_update.exe” deletes the PC Access executable, renames the temporary file to PC Access, and launches the new version.


If the “f_update.exe” is executed outside of the web update, it will delete the existing executable, and since there has been no download, there is no longer any executable.




Reinstall PC Access using the most recent executable in the PC Access Downloads folder and perform the “Check for New Version” feature to update to the latest release.