Does PC Access 3 come in different languages?



Is PC Access available in different languages?




Yes.  PC Access 3 has built in support for several languages and does not require a special version for supported languages.  On startup PC Access 3 determines the native language of the PC and if it is a supported language, it will automatically run in that language.  Currently, PC Access 3 supports English, French, Italian, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Catalan, Traditional (Taiwan) and Simplified Chinese.


You can also override the machine language by performing the following steps:


  1. Close PC Access, if currently open.
  2. Right-Click on the PC Access icon on your desktop, and select Properties.
  3. Select the Short Cut tab.
  4. Highlight the “Target” line and place your mouse cursor at the end of the line.
  5. Add a space and type in /lang:xxx (where xxx represents the qualifier for the supported language).  NOTE:  As an example, for Italian, the target should look similar to this - "C:\Program Files\HAI\PC Access\PCA3D_EN.exe" /lang:it
  6. Click on Apply and close the Properties dialogue box.  NOTE:  If you receive an error that the modification you made is invalid, you likely did not enter a space before typing in /lang:xxx
  7. Open PC Access – the software should appear in the desired language now.


To change back and have PC Access 3 revert to following the language of the PC, simply edit the Target line, removing the /lang:xxx


Supported languages and their qualifiers are as follows:


  1. English: en
  2. French: fr
  3. Italian: it
  4. Latin American Spanish: es
  5. European Spanish: es-es
  6. Catalan: ca
  7. Traditional Chinese (Taiwan): zh-tw
  8. Simplified Chinese: zh-cn