Lutron HomeWorks QS



Do Leviton automation controllers have support for the Lutron HomeWorks QS system?




No, Leviton controllers do not have logic specifically designed for use with the QS system. With that said, it is possible to establish two-way communications with the QS system by:


  1. The new Lutron HomeWorks QS processor does not have a serial port. You must install the Lutron QSE-CI-NWK-E Control Interface (“NWK”), connecting it to the QS processor via Lutron 4-wire.
  2. The NWK connects to the Omni or Lumina via a serial port using Leviton Model 21A05-2 Serial PC Cable with a male-to-male gender changer.
  3. In the Leviton controller under Setup>>Installer>>Expansion, set the Serial Rate to 9600 and the Serial Function to RadioRA2.
  4. On the NWK, use the dip switches to set the Baud Rate to 9600 (match to the controller setup).
  5. Refer to the Leviton Knowledgebase article for RadioRA2 for additional installation/setup.


Integrating a RadioRA 2 Lighting System to a Leviton Controller, Controller Firmware 3.4